BFC Coach Feels More Hard to Find Evan’s Replacement Than Spaso

BFC Coach Feels More Hard to Find Evan’s Replacement Than Spaso

Bhayangkara FC coach Simon McMenemy is not too concerned to find some substitutes to replace the players who have left. He is quite optimistic to form a new squad despite some players left behind.

Bhayangkara FC must lose two young players, Evan Dimas Darmono and Ilham Udin Armaiyn. Two players last season’s mainstay it moved to the club Selangor FA in the Malaysian League. Not only the two players, the BFC also certainly lost Ilija Spasojevic.

Even so, Simon admitted it is very difficult to find a replacement Evan Dimas when compared Ilija Spasojevic. Given the current in Indonesia is very rare to find talented local talent classmate Evan Dimas.

“Evan is hard to replace. Because Evan is a fantastic player. Spaso is a great player and he is also special because he is now an Indonesian citizen, “said Simon.

As for Spaso, Scotland’s coach rate is not a difficult task. Given the many qualified foreign players who can replace his role in BFC.

“With respect to Spaso, many other foreign players can play Spaso’s role. But for local players, no one can like him. That’s why he was called up, ”

“We will miss Spaso. Both on and off the field. He is a professional player and helped many other players in the rest of the season yesterday, “he concluded.

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