Gagliardini: Albania Very Tangguh

Gagliardini: Albania Very Tangguh

Roberto Gagliardini states if Albania is very difficult to deal with, making it difficult for Italy to steal victory at Shkoder

Goals from Antonio Candreva are enough to take the Azzurri home with a 1-0 result in their last World Cup qualifying match.

“It’s a positive game, an incredible victory and it’s very difficult to beat Albania at home, because they always look for the ball,” said Inter midfielder.

“I do not feel dull. It was a tough game, we did not give Albania much chances. We have to improve the operands and of course will beautify it with the coach.

“I’m doing fine, I always perform since the beginning of the season. There are times when you play bad or good, but more important is our health condition.

“Whoever we will face in the play-off round, we will fight to get to the World Cup.”

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