Mihajlovic: Belotti Worth 100 Million Euros

Mihajlovic: Belotti Worth 100 Million Euros

Andrea Belotti’s incredible goal of Sassuolo’s kegawang seems to make everyone feel awe, including the coach, Sinisa Mihajlovic who gives praise to. And it is himself feeling confident that the player deserves to be priced 100 million uero.

“Belotti is not the best yet. But with a goal like that, he deserves to be valued 100 million uero, even more. It’s a tough game, even though we were able to get them started early, but we missed chances. this is an important victory, “Mihajlovic told the fast-paced media.

The Italian national team has also just scored his first Serie A goal of the season in the face of Sassuolo. Remarkably, he does that in an unusual way people do, that is, scissor kick after using the bait dai right hand side. This goal as well as the opening opener of 3-0 victory over the visitors Tor Toro.

What is said by the Serbian coach related to the 23-year-old player’s price is quite the same. Because, since the end of 2016-2017 season, Belotti became one of the hot commodities in the stock exchange this season.

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