Montella: Milan Must Focus For The Next Game

Montella: Milan Must Focus For The Next Game

Vicenzo Montella claims his team has made the move a step forward at the moment. However, Montella admitted if AC Milan still have to focus because of frequent loss of concentration.

Milan itself back imeraih victory 2-1 when entertaining Udinese at San Siro Stadium.

“Overall, this is a step forward from various aspects, including the attitude of the players. We can finish it faster and should always focus, “Montella told local media.

Concentration is in the spotlight Montella. Because it could be a weak point for Milan in the next game. Montella sees that Suso and his players often lose concentration.

“I love this game. But in terms of concentration is not as expected after the goal to Udinese disallowed, because it could have an expensive impact for players. ”

“I do not regret the defeat of Lazio, because I feel if it helps us. It’s a slap in the face that’s binding us better, “he said.

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