Pellegrini is happy to return to AS Roma

Pellegrini is happy to return to AS Roma

New midfielder AS Roma Lorenzo Pellegrini admits he is happy to be back playing in the Olimpico Agen Judi Bola.

The Italian midfielder left from Roma to join Sassuolo in the last two seasons. Despite himself being linked with Juventus and AC Milan, Pellegrini considers the transfer to the Giallorossi as the right transfer for him.

“Two years ago, I left because I had to grow, and mature myself. Because of that experience, I am now ready [to defend Rome]. The time I spent at Sassuolo, made me aware of the meaning of football as well as life. ”

“I met many people who wanted to help me, including at the personal level. After spending 10 years in a club, it was not easy for me to leave home, at the age of 18. I want to thank everyone in Sassuolo for their trust, from the president to their fans. ”

“I grew up here, and I see this club as my home. I’m ready for that, and I’m certainly glad to be back here, and play for a club as big as them. I think all parties involved, want to be able to move forward together. ”

“The coach and staff here are just like [the coaching staff at my former club]. The exercises that I live are the same as I did at Sassuolo, and I am happy to see them. People often have difficulty in dealing with certain situations, but the best thing is you have to be the best version of yourself. “

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