Send Letter, La Liga Participate in the Death of Choirul Huda

Send Letter, La Liga Participate in the Death of Choirul Huda

The death of Choirul Huda after strengthening Persela Lamongan in the face of Semen Padang, last Sunday (15/10/2017), continues to attract international attention and attention.

This time, turn the ranks of management and management of the Spanish League or commonly known as La Liga send a letter directly to the management and management team Laskar Joko Tingkir to express their condolences.

In a letter signed directly by La Liga President, Javier Tebas, they sympathize with what happened to Choirul Huda, who during his professional career never moved the club.

“From La Liga, we want to express our deepest feelings, have a great condolence on the death of Choirul Huda.We are on behalf of the organization, please accept our empathetic plea for the loss of Persela goalkeeper and legend,” the letter said. club Persela.

“Please express our empathy to the abandoned family, team mates, Persela team coaches, and team supporters,” the statement continued.

Previously, attention and condolences over the events that hit Choirul Huda were also pronounced by world football players, ranging from Arsenal goalkeepers Petr Cech, Paul Pogba, even FIFA and AFC, via Instagram accounts and official websites.

Choirul Huda died after clashing with teammate Roman Rodrigues in a contra game Semen Padang. Although had received medical assistance and was referred to the Regional General Hospital (Hospital) Dr. Soegiri, the life of the goalkeeper can not be saved.

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