Winterburn: Chamberlain Wants New Challenges

Winterburn: Chamberlain Wants New Challenges

Former Arsenal defender Nigel Winterburn feels Alex Oxlade Chamberlain just wants to find a new atmosphere in his football career.

Now that the former Southampton player is reluctant to sign a new contract following his work will be over soon, then the player continues to be linked will soon leave the Emirates stadium this summer.

Even clubs like Chelsea and also Liverpool are reported to be very interested to bring it. But the Blues in the most serious news to get his signature where by proposing a transfer value reached 35 million Pounds and Chambo mentioned already agreed.

Nevertheless but Winterburn still question whether the 23-year-old player can play regular or not. Because the two clubs who want already have a good main player whose quality is now the backbone of each team. So the legend believes Chamberlain wants something new.

“We heard he wanted to play in midfield which is more important, but with the club that has been linked, I can not see it. In fact I think he has enough on Arsenal, but for him this might be a good time to move and face a new challenge, “Nigel Winterburn told the media.

“He’s very sensational in the wing back position. So he can compete with Victor Moses at Chelsea.

“If he wants to play in the attacking midfield position but in Chelsea there are figures of Willian and Pedro and so whether it will guarantee him playing as a starter? If he is in Liverpool then he will come up against names like Mohamed Salah and also Sadio Mane.

“Wrong had just arrived at the club this summer and he started strongly. He’s like lightning, while Mane will certainly be the most important player. So once Chamberlain will struggle to say ‘where will I go in and how much will I play as a starter?’.

“So I think it is time for a new challenge and he will say ‘I will take a risk even though I can sit on the bench.’

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